A checklist to tick before switching to simple WordPress themes

Visuals play a significant role in attracting the audience to your website. Themes enable you to do so. Choosing the right theme to align it with branding strategies is the right way to promote yourself.

For the same matter, you might want to update your theme by how the brand markets itself over time with changing perceptions. Although switching to simple wordpress themes may grab attention, as easy as it may sound, a particular checklist, if followed, can make things easier and help you with a smooth transition.

1. Note down customizations from your current theme:

Understanding the difference between the old theme and new simple wordpress themes is essential. Check all the built-in features in your current theme and see if they also come as built-in functions or features in the new theme. You might have also added customizations in the form of widgets or CSS code addition in the older theme.

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Take note of all the plugins, customizations, widgets, and menus added manually or otherwise. Find if it is already supported in the second theme, or you might want to add the same with the help of a code. Also, note down the sliders, social media integration features, page templates, contact forms, and styling options.


2. Backing up the Website:

Before choosing another theme and moving on to it, you must save and backup the older theme settings and data layout. It shall ensure that the copy of the interface is saved in case things go tipsy turvy.

You might want to go back to your original theme layout after a while, and backing up will help you with that. Backup can be done both manually or with the help of plugins by configuring them to generate and save backups at regular time intervals.


3. Checking the Widget-ready area and appearance of Third-party elements:

The widget-ready area might change with the change in the template. Although usually located on the sidelines of most simple WordPress themes, check its position in the newly chosen theme. You might as well want to save the changes made to the side.php file if you have any modifications made there.

Social media marketing is one thing you don’t want to miss when everything and everyone is going online. To boost engagement, you might have used plugins for social sharing if you might have also enrolled in certain services like Google Adsense.

All these features are synchronized with the design theme of your WordPress site. Hence choose a lightweight template that supports these features and its necessary further upgradation.


4. Add analytics, track code, and update RSS feed:

Confirm the smooth functioning of Google analytics. You might miss crucial reports if it isn’t working fine with the new theme. If it is not, add code to the file of the new layout at an appropriate location. Check the website loading speed with the new theme.

Slow page loading speed pushes back visitors and brings down your SEO and page rankings. Make your website cross-browser compatible. Find out which browsers are used the most by the target group on board and ensure you have the same layout. Also, see if your website is working well from every possible device you expect your visitors to use.

For any website that allows the subscription process, the RSS feed becomes critical. RSS helps visitors discover your feed and update them about any new posts you make. Hence before you change your current theme, update your RSS feeds or add the updated one to your new selected theme.


5. Maintenance and testing:

Do not forget to turn on the maintenance mode of the website. Visitors seeing the broken links and pages can be a huge mistake harming the user experience. You might use specific plugins available for the same task.

It shall greet your visitors with a particular message during the transition. To ensure you do not frustrate your visitors, you might notice them before the scheduled transition theme for them to wait for the change.

All these steps, if followed diligently, can simplify the process of changing themes. Simultaneously it is as important to take reviews and feedback from your visitors about the changes you made. Communicate through polls or create feedback forms.

Improvise on the gathered statistics. Happier customers are the best way to promote your business of any kind. If you are looking for a WordPress Expert to help you out with everything mentioned in this blog, visit Helpbot WordPress Services.


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