Avoid A Used RV With These 11 Problems

You may be looking for a used RV. But, a used RV is not so easy to buy. There can be many problems in an RV. So, if you want to buy a used RV, you should inspect it well. In the below discussion, you will know 11 problems of a used RV.

These problems are quite common. So, if you find any of these problems in a RV, you should not buy the RV. 

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So, What are those RV problems?

  • De-laminated RV Walls 
  • An RV With A Rubber Roof 
  • An RV With Older Tires 
  • Traces Of Water Damage 
  • AC Filters Not Working
  • Properly Smell Of Cigarettes
  • Pet Odors 
  • Smelly Sewer 
  • Signs Of Rust 
  • Damaged Body 
  • Signs of Windshield Damage 

To know – Why you should avoid these problems? – you have to read the below discussion. 


Avoid A Used RV With These 11 Problems 

1) De-laminated RV Walls

Usually, de-laminated RV walls are the signs of a decaying RV. So, you have to take these problems seriously. If you see the outer walls of an RV is bulging out then you should not buy that RV. There is a glue that holds the inner walls and the outer walls of an RV together. When the glue gets completely dried, an RV may de-laminate. Moreover, water can also de-laminate an RV. You may get this kind of RV at a cheap rate. But, you should not buy it. Otherwise, you may have to spend a hefty amount to repair that RV.


2) An RV With A Rubber Roof

A rubber-roofed RV is not durable. A rubber roof can be made of aluminum or fiberglass. But, these rubber roofs wear away easily. Moreover, these roof repair costs are expensive. So, avoid an RV with a rubber roof. 

3) An RV With Older Tires

An RV tire that is over 5 years old, may not be in good condition. Big RV tires are expensive and branded tires are also costly. So, check the tires of an RV before buying it. Used RV tires may not last long. So, you may have to buy new ones. Hence, avoid an RV with older tires. 

4) Traces Of Water Damage

An RV can have water leakages. In fact, water leakage is one of the primary problems of an RV. Water can destroy an RV silently. So, inspect an RV closely. Ceilings Side Rooms Furniture Carpet Area Inside the Upper Cabinets.

You should inspect all the above areas. If you find signs of water damage, then don’t buy that RV. Because water may have damaged the entire coach. So, the RV’s structure may have become weak. 


5) AC Filters Not Working Properly

AC filters in an RV should be clean. Hence, you should run the AC of an RV before buying it. If you find that the AC is not working properly, then check its filters. A dirty AC filter means the seller is not maintaining the coach properly.

As a result, you should also check engine, generator parts, caulking, etc. However, you should always buy a well-maintained coach. So, avoid a dirty and old RV. 

6) Smell Of Cigarettes

RVs have a tight space area inside them. That’s why, it catches smells quickly. If you smell cigarettes or tobacco inside an RV, then you should avoid it. Because it would be hard for you to drive away that smell. Moreover, an RV tour would not be pleasant with such cigarette smells. 

7) Pet Odors

Only pet owners are insensitive to pet odors. So, if you are not a pet owner, then you should never buy an RV full of pet odors. It’s really difficult to clean all the pet hairs and pet odors. So, if your RV seller loves a pet, then you should say ‘good-bye’ to that RV. 


8) Smelly Sewer

Black water tanks should be cleaned. Otherwise, it may spread a foul smell everywhere. But, the foul smell can also be caused by cracked tanks or pipes. Cleaning a tank may not be too difficult. But, replacing pipes and the tank could be expensive.

So, inspect and find out the real reason behind the smell. You can ask the seller to repair it. If the owner doesn’t agree, then don’t buy that RV. 

9) Signs Of Rust

Rust is the enemy of your RV. So, check an RV’s undercarriage and interior sections profoundly. If you find any traces of Rust then, you should avoid the RV. Because repairing an RV’s rust damage can be truly expensive. 


10) Damaged Body

The owner of an RV may have crashed the vehicle. So, big dents or huge scratches may be on the RV’s exterior walls. Hence, check an RV before buying it. Such damages are not so easy to repair. That’s why an RV with a heavily damaged body should not be bought. 

11) Signs of Windshield Damage

You should never buy an RV with a damaged windshield. Because buying a new windshield is costly. Moreover, your insurance company may not replace the windshield for free. So, ask the seller to replace the windshield. Otherwise, you should avoid that RV. 

The above RV problems are real. So, don’t ignore them when buying an RV. Just inspect your RV and try to find out- how big the problems are! An RV is going to be your travel friend. So, you should always buy a healthy RV. 

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